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  • Green management

    SOTHEMA boasts an industrial and environmental safety system meeting international standards.  The HES (Health Environment & Security) Department of SOTHEMA pays particular attention to the safety of the entire workforce, the reduction of industrial accidents occurrence risks and the clean-up and treatment of toxic wastes resulting from the production process.  Thanks to its HES System, SOTHEMA treats waste waters without damaging the groundwater table and maintaining the biodiversity and the health of neighboring communities.  Furthermore, SOTHEMA pays close attention to the extension and permanent maintenance of the green areas located inside the manufacturing facility.

  • Quality

    SOTHEMA places particular emphasis on the certification of its entire operations according to international quality standards.  SOTHEMA manufactures its drugs according to Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs).  SOTHEMA is also the leading laboratory in terms of number of accreditations by internal medicine agencies. All preparation, manufacturing, storage, delivery and control processes are certified consistent with the quality standards in force in European countries (France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands …)

  • Ongoing commitment

    Ever since its creation in 1976, SOTHEMA has set itself the clear mandate of allowing Morocco and Subsaharan African countries to gain independence in drug manufacturing. This decision uphlolds SOTHEMA‘s ongoing commitment to enabling patients to have easier access to necessary care to protect themselves against diseases specific to their own regions.

    SOTHEMA commits to make available to healthcare professionals and patients alike the pharmaceutical products necessary to combat diseases, regardless they can develop.

  • Supporting activities

    Omar TAZI, CEO of SOTHEMA, has for many years led significant sponsorship programs.  With the creation of Fondation Omar TAZI in 2012, he signalled his willingness to engage in an ambitious corporate social responsibility program, to share his personal development with the neighboring communities. Fondation Omar TAZI is active in the fields of social and humanitarian projects through two main areas: Health and Childhood.

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Accreditations & certifications

SOTHEMA steadily builds on its ability to comply with all international quality standards, which earned it the trust and satisfaction of both its clients and partners.

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