United energies for life.

  • Chairman's message

    At SOTHEMA, we know what really count is not what we say about ourselves but rather what is said about us and what we do. To remain loyal to our founding principles, we have serious commitments towards our clients and our staff. We center our professional skills, not on what we like to manufacture as medicine, but rather on the treatments that are needed by the patients and the body. Our carefulness for the patient created a real enterprise culture that privileges flexibility, innovation, cooperation and additional effort. This brings us naturally to requiring the same commitment from Sothema staff and this within the framework of our human resources philosophy. For us, each Sothemian is an autonomous actor who necessarily lives within a community. Honesty, integrity and social responsibility are in the core of our business and reputation. By growing, we have carefully and clearly expressed the policies, aspirations, coherent behaviors in all the enterprise thanks to SOTHEMA’s system of values.

    The mission, which has been confided to us since the creation of SOTHEMA, is to allow the populations in Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa to have an easy access to treatments that they are in need of. We firmly believe that the access to treatments is one of the essential foundations of the sustainable development of a nation. This is why we have worked to allow Morocco to have local production units allowing it to enjoy autonomy in terms of manufacturing medicines. We have worked in the same way for other countries. This project requires important funding from our part. The current size of our company proves that our investments are consequent and continuous. We were able to weave fruitful partnership ties with international laboratories that are leaders in the pharmaceutical field. Among the forst in the world both in industry and scientific research, the principal laboratories with which we collaborate made us benefit from the recent technologies, which we have transferred to our partners of the south within the spirit of south-south cooperation in conformity with the values of our dear country.

    With the Sothemians, we are a real family that really believes in our motto “Energies for Life”. Each Sothemian knows that his role, even secondary may it be, is responsible. Each Sothemian is an active actor whose mission comes from a system of values privileging Man. SOTHEMA started as a small company of a human size. It has rapidly grown up while preserving its human character.

    Omar TAZI

  • History

    • 1976

      Foundation of sothema.

    • 1981

      Launch of the 1st production facility.

    • 1983

      Début de la production d’insuline et des solutions injectables.

    • 1990

      Start of the custom manufacturing activity.

    • 1998

      Launching of the penicillin unit.

    • 2000

      Launching of the cephalosporin unit.

    • 2004

      Opening of the subsidiary West Afric Pharma in Senegal.

    • 2005

      Initial Public Offering.

    • 2009

      Launching of the sterile block units.

    • 2010

      Acquisition Morocco based Novartis’ facilities.

  • Subsidiary

    SOTHEMA had the ingenious idea to encourage the Senegalese pharmaceutical industry through establishing the subsidiary West Afric Pharma in Dakar. Its objective is to be responsible and give an easy access to medicines to a large number of African populations. The drugs that are manufacturing by WAPH are generics dedicated to treat the most spread pathologies in the region, such as: malaria, chronic diarrhea, cholera… Erected on 4000 square meters covered ground, the industrial site of the WAPH is built according to the strictest standards in terms of the construction of pharmaceutical factories. It is equipped with all the industrial security means and it is conceived in a way to help preserve the environment. The establishment of the Senegalese subsidiary was considered as the best way to promote employment and south-south cooperation.

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