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  • Biotechnologies

    Biotechnology involves all processes enabling the transformation of living matter (bacteria, cell, DNA, virus, protein…) into a specific product.  Biotechnology is a promising growth sector offering applications affecting directly humans. This commitment fits perfectly with the vision of SOTHEMA, placing the patient at the center of all its concerns.  Making the right choice of biotechnology simply means working for a better and healthier future for all.

  • Supporting scientific research

    Firmly committed to promote scientific research, SOTHEMA stands ready to lend its full support to national researchers, following on from its commitment made in 1976 to develop the potential of research in Morocco.

    SOTHEMA has been a partner of several research projects and is actively supporting national researchers, especially Professor Adnane REMMAL, winner of the Innovation Award for Africa, for his antibiotic alternative solution geared to improve livestock production, while respecting the health of consumers.

    SOTHEMA also won the first Prize of the University Enterprise Partnership, with MAsCIR, for the development of the first 100% Moroccan kit for the diagnostic and the follow-up of the treatment of leukemia.

    This close relationship between Education and Research lies at the core of SOTHEMA‘s activities and is an essential component for the laboratory’s dynamic.

  • Biotechnologies


  • Soutien à la recherche scientifique


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