The logistics is modernizing thanks to the deployment of the WMS software.

SOTHEMA implements a new dynamic planning and scheduling module for the preparation of bills integrated to a WMS.  

The installation of a more advanced and flexible system integrating the complexity and the diversity of modes of preparation of distribution warehouses addresses a number of challenges:

  • reducing operators’ hardship at work: less manual handlings, optimizing preparation paths …
  • real-time management and oversight of operations
  • reducing order processing times
  • improving staff productivity
  • increased production capacity
  • participatory management of supervisors and operators
  • control of operations and performance per operation or per operator
  • precision in carrying out operations / scan confirmation
  • detailed traceability

WMS scope of action is very wide and makes it possible to optimize the positions and operating procedures.

An approach geared to inventory optimization, visibility and total product traceability are the foundations on which SOTHEMA has opted for WMS, as a tool aimed to enhance its future growth and development.